Inspiration is everywhere, so the saying goes. And it is! But if you’re looking for specific ideas and concepts, it’s helpful to refine where you look for inspiration. Landscaping has so many wonderful possibilities that it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the volume of photos, magazines, blogs, and websites that provide imagery. If you’re ready to refresh your yard and want to feel inspired check out these sources for helpful ideas about what might look great in your outdoor spaces.

A Ware Landscape project in San Clemente

Your Neighborhood. Start local! One of the best places to find inspiration is in your neighborhood. The houses in your area share the same climate, similar soil, and perhaps even the same HOA. All of these factor into the potential for your own yard design. Take note of plants that seem to be thriving, and consider what you think works well with the style of your neighborhood. You certainly don’t have to match anything your neighbors are doing, but you may want a design that is harmonious with the existing community vibe.

Sherman Gardens

Local Gardens. Here in Southern California, we are lucky to have a plethora of gardens we can go to for inspiration. Sherman Gardens, the Huntington Library, the Getty Museum, the UC Irvine Arboretum—these are just a few of the beautiful places we can explore. They showcase a variety of native vegitation, as well as colorful plantings that can brighten up your space. You can also visit some of our outstanding local nurseries, such as Roger’s Gardens, Green Thumb Nursery, or Armstrong Gardens. These can help you get a sense of what plants are available in this area, and what will flourish in our climate.

Roger’s Gardens

Instagram. There are many fantastic Instagram accounts dedicated to beautiful landscaping (including @warelandscape!), but be judicious about which ones you look to for inspiration for your own yard. For example, what works well in the damp English countryside may not do so well in sunny Southern California. Try to follow local accounts—all of the above mentioned local gardens have their own Instagram accounts that you can browse. It’s a great way to find inspiration across a range of styles and see how they work in all seasons.

When you’re ready to turn you inspiration into reality, get in touch with Ware Landscape. An experienced landscape designer can help you refine your ideas and work with you to incorporate them into your yard. If you’ve been dreaming of an outdoor space that you’ll enjoy spending time in, we would love to partner with you to bring your vision to life.